10 Best Augmented Reality (AR) Games for Android in 2021

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10 Best Augmented Reality (AR) Games for Android in 2021

Looking for the best Augmented Reality (AR) Games to try on your Android phone this year? We’ve made a list of the top 10 AR Games to play:

Pokemon Go

A spin off of the 90’s classic, in this game you use your phone's GPS to detect your coordinates to make Pokemon appear around you, encouraging you to catch them as they appear.

Ingress Prime

In this game, you learn that a series of exotic matter is making its way into our “real world”. As a multiplayer game, you work alongside friends locally and internationally to harvest the right tools and use their power for good or evil.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

A mystical adventure and story-based game where a catastrophe has struck the world of Harry Potter. You play as a wizard of the world as you work to defeat the enemies. This game is specifically designed for fantasy and adventure lovers.

The Walking Dead: Our World

In this game, players roam around their neighborhoods to kill zombies and collect characters who can team up with them to help destroy all of the zombies. This game allows you to stay active but also live out your nightmare apocalypse dreams.

Jurassic World Alive

In this game, players search for prehistoric monsters to use in battle with other players' prehistoric monsters. Lab mode allows players to build their own hybrid dinosaurs. As soon as you open this game you go back in time with bigger than life dinosaurs and adventure.

Zombie, Run!

This is a fast paced game where you simply run (in reality) and that tracks your development in the AR world. The interactivity involves the zombies running behind you, the faster you run the sooner you can ditch the zombies. This game offers a great alternative to tracking fitness goals and having zombie fun.

Knightfall AR

Knightfall puts players into the shoes of the Knights of Templar as they defend their territory from a team of warrior enemies. The battlefield appears on any flat surface that you spawn it onto and as you defeat enemies you earn gold that can be spent on defense tactics to push the warriors back.

Krikey App

Krikey has multiple AR Games in their App. YAATRA is an action-adventure AR game in which you join Princess Maya, who is banished to the forest and must fight a monster army in order to regain her palace. Each chapter of the game immerses you in a richly designed world of forest, gilded halls or ocean. RUN JI RUN is an infinite runner game (similar to Temple Run or Subway Surfer) in which your custom 3D Avatar races through an Indian market jumping, sliding and dodging obstacles like rickshaws, samosas and chai stands.

The Machines

A simple but effective AR board game, it is built off of community systems that allows you to transform any room into a battleground. Pick and tabletop and fight off your friends nearby or anywhere in the world with your machines.

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs

In this game there are many levels to beat with your favorite original characters in your environment. You work to destroy as many blue pigs as possible. The coolest adaptation to this game is the ability to be able to move around your target and environment to get the best view. Be sure not to lose your footing trying to get a good angle.

With AR taking over the market, there are a lot of new and exciting mobile games to play. We hope you enjoy trying them all!

Happy Gaming!

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