Avatars Cricket Season is here!

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Avatars Cricket Season is here!

Avatars Cricket Season is here! The Krikey App’s New features will include animations of avatars batting and bowling. There are also cricket uniforms and 2D backgrounds. Create a video and share with friends or share to social media and tag your favorite IPL (Indian Premier League) Cricket players! Read more to find out how we created the Cricket feature in the app!


The first step of any feature Krikey makes is always research. Some of our artists were not familiar with the sport of cricket so this step was especially vital (some of us are superfans so this was our favorite step!). Research was done on both uniforms and cricket actions -- down to the style of batting and bowling as it varies by player -- so we could have high accuracy in our animations. Due to the fact that there are many actions common to the sport and a limitation on the number of animations we can have in the app due to app size, we had to select just two to start.

Uniform colors and designs were inspired by IPL teams like Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore which are in the top ten rankings. The uniform numbers chosen were of popular players past and present.


For the Cricket uniforms we decided to make two versions -- one with shin guards and helmet (for batting) and one without the additional gear (for bowling). Shin guards conflict with the layers of clothing so it took a lot of trial and error to apply the shin guards with the uniform on. Textures of the uniform fabric took a lot of optimization, shading, and texture overlay to successfully get the right look.


Our team had so much fun bringing these features to life! We hope fans will enjoy creating and sharing videos as a part of their IPL 2021 Cricket experience. Happy Cricket Season!

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