Best Social Media Apps in India

Want to stay connected to friends and family in India? Here's a look at some of the best Social Media Apps on the market, enjoy!


One of the leading platforms in social media, Facebook is easy to use and free to sign up you can enjoy interacting with friends and following your favorite brands and celebritie.


You can download Moj to enjoy a popular video sharing platform offering special effects, short video editing, and stickers to curate the perfect upload.


A free Augmented Reality social media app that allows you to you can create your own customized 3D Avatars and share with family and friends on Whatsapp. You can also play fun games in AR and watch lots of unique and creative 3D videos created by users like you! 8+ Indian languages available.


A free social app that is popular for photo and video sharing. You can capture, edit, and upload personally curated content to share with friends and family. Also use Instagram to scroll through an assortment of visual updates from accounts you follow!

Mx Takatak

Open MX Takatak to browse through fun videos and trends, create and edit exciting new content, and of course share it with friends and family.


By using the Josh short video sharing platform, you can watch videos from the latest creators, participate in online challenges, upload and edit your own short clips, and add unique effects!


A popular social service in India, Sharechat app allows private messaging as well as a new tagging feature that enables users to share videos, songs, and other social content in many languages with their friends and the online community.


On the Chingari video sharing platform, you can lip sync your favorite songs or use dialogues from popular Indian movie scenes to create and share your own funny videos!.

There are so many exciting social media apps in India today, and Krikey is excited to be a part of this community of innovators and talented content creators. For more information on how Krikey is approaching this space and creating a unique video sharing platform and community, be sure to check out our blog posts on Language Localization, 3D AR Hijabs, Turbans & Braids and Augmented Reality Applications!